Monday, January 07, 2008

My letter to Hillary!, upon the occasion of her crocodile tears:
Can the crocodile tears. They're simply not believable. And besides, who couldn't see them coming, now that you're going down in New Hampshire?

There's too much slime attached to you. And your husband.

All you can do, every time you appear on TV, every time you trot him out, is remind us of just how good it felt to watch your utterly ungracious husband slump in his armchair as GWB took the oath of office.

You marriage is unbelievable. Your story of walks with your husband and the dog are unbelievable. Your stories about the billing records, Whitewater, cattle futures, all, all utterly unbelievable.

Beyond that, you come across as pure ego, pure apetite, directing yourself across the political lanscape like some tin-pot general, promising us presents you'll tax us to buy.

You're utterly sickening, as a human being and as a candidate. You and your husband have lounged across American politics way too long for any good you may have done. In the name of God, go.
To those who say that Hillary! cares about us, well, fleas care about dogs.

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