Thursday, January 03, 2008

I've been glued to Fox News this evening. My thoughts:

- I'm sad and amazed Huckabee won on the Republican side. I can't see an inch of difference between him and Edwards. I'm pretty sure he's the candidate Hillary wants to run against, he's that utterly compromised. He really is a huckster. If he wasn't dealing with Hillary, he might have a chance to become President. As it is, he's going to connect with a buzz-saw when he runs into Hillary. What I really consider to be interesting is that the bloggers have him dead to rights on all of his scandalous behaviour, which has received no attention from a MSM that wants him to be the one that meets Hillary.

- I called Obama as a huge winner the day he declared, simply because of his charisma. I think Hillary will eat him alive, but I totally honor the fight he has made to date.

- Edwards is dead. His speech was pure Huey Long, and Long is, well, long dead.

- Hillary is about to release a plague of locusts. Non-traceable locusts. On Obama. Within the next six months, you'll see Obama's grandmother spit on his memory.

- Romney is dead. That he failed against a complete dud like Huckabee, oy!

- McCain is walking dead.

- Thompson has a chance to survive. He may well be the Republican nominee.

OK, on the basis of this, I call the election as Hillary versus Thompson. Hillary wins the Presidency. Within two years (2010), the Democrats lose the House and Senate because of popular objection to Hillary's Stalinist agenda.

Republicans take over, quickly become even more corrupt than they were in 2004, lose to Democrats in 2012, and the decline continues...

O tempora! O mores! Et cetera.

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