Saturday, June 30, 2007

Via Sky News, Fox News is reporting that "an Asian man or men" drove a car into the main terminal at Glasgow airport, and then exploded it.

UPDATE: There were two people in the car. They fled the car after exploding it, were tackled by taxi drivers and passengers, and are now in police custody. Sky News is talking about four people being in custody. Four?

UPDATE: AP says two people were arrested. Sky News is now saying three people were arrested.

UPDATE (12:14 PM EDT): Sky News says "injuries are being reported".

UPDATE (12:27 PM EDT): Sky News now says two people are under arrest.

UPDATE (3:55 PM EDT): From an eyewitness: "Every time he threw a punch, he'd shout 'Allah'."

UPDATE (7/2/2007): As of today, five people have been arrested. The New York Times and Fox News - among others - have been describing the bombers as "disenfranchised", which is they they hate us. On cue, two of the bomb plotters turn out to be medical doctors. Disenfranchised? My ass! Ungrateful? Absolutely.

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