Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry and Stephen Fry. Separated at birth?

(Aren't you proud I went there, and *didn't* go on about Kerry's statement that our troops in Iraq are academic failures? Because, let's face it, Kerry may well have blown it for the Democrats in 2006. They peaked about two weeks early, and then he had to rush out with this bit of silliness. And that refusal to apologize! Oy! A classic blue-blood, country-club putdown to the plebes. Tin ear, all the way.)

UPDATE: John Kerry. He's smart. Actually, in his own way, he has a comedic timing that convinces me of a close relationship with Stephen Fry. Have they ever been seen together?

UPDATE: "Karl Rove casts some spell, John Kerry turns into the Grim Reaper, and the Democrats all look as if they've seen a ghost." Karl Rove. *Now* I understand.

As Borat would say, "Is niiiiiice."

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