Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and make a prediction: The Republicans will retain control of both the House and Senate.

Why am I saying this?

First, I think the Democrats peaked too soon. Had they sprung the Foley October surprise a couple of weeks later, they might have had a chance. They didn't, and it's now just gone. Meanwhile, the stock market's up (MSM: "Nothing to see here. Move along"), gas prices are down (MSM: "Nothing to..."), and Cindy Sheehan's been revealed as both a slut and a shill. Good times.

Second, we're getting a good look at Nancy Pelosi. It's a pretty revolting sight. Her enemies list is so long, and so well cherished that she's having to plan on placing a felon in charge of the House Intelligenge Committee. Think about that: She wants a man convicted of accepting bribes to handle this nation's intelligence. Damn! And that's just one of her appointments. Never mind what John Conyers plans to get up to.

Third, this whole measuring the drapes thing. It's just a little unseemly for her to be hanging out like a vulture, waiting to feast on the corpse of the current political situation.

And on, and on. But that's not *really* why I'm predicting the Republicans will keep power. No, I'm predicting this because I *want* it to happen. I *want* to see Pelosi's face when she realizes she won't be measuring the drapes. I *want* to see the look on Hastings's face when he realizes he won't be able to leak to the NYT. I *want* to see the look on Conyers's face when he realizes that he'll never be called "Mr. Chairman" for real. I *want* to see the look on the face of the Democrat MSM when it realizes it's lost. I *want* to read the Diebold conspiracy theories on Daily Kos. I *want* to hear and see the rending of clothes, the tearing of hair, the gnashing of teeth that happens when Democrat dreams collide with American reality.

Oh, the exquisite agony! Yum!

UPDATE: A retirement to be hoped for.

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