Sunday, September 17, 2006

Quick question: As we watch the Religion of Pieces melt down after some remarks from the Pope were taken out of context and amplified, has anyone publicly wondered whether some Europeans are quietly stocking up on weapons?

I understand that most of white Europe is currently slouching towards death in a post-socialist haze, but are there any minorities out there deciding they won't go quietly into Eurabia? Benedict XVI is giving some indication that he expects Christianity to decline massively for the next half-millineum or so, before recovering. Meanwhile, Germans are losing faith in democracy. All I can say to that is "Look out, Islam."

I won't bother asking about the USA. California, and most of the Southwest, will eventually go Mexican. (I'm sorry I won't be around to see the horror on Mexican faces when they discover they've reconquered el Norte and turned it into the shit-hole they originally came from.) Michigan will probably go Muslim. For a while. The Northeast will probably secede and rejoin the last party pissup of the dying European socialist dream, along with Canada, Oregon, and Washington state. The rest of America - the Midwest and Southern red bits - will remain as the real America. And probably re-conquer.

God knows what will happen to the Northeast, Canada, and the Northwest. I expect cannibalism - the logical final destination of socialism, and eventually a crawling, hangover-based, tearful begging to be readmitted to the Union. Expect Southern troops to occupy Boston, et al., for thirty years or so. Among other things, hookers will acquire a new name.

Look for the Muslim minority in Michigan, and surrounding areas, to be kicked out sometime around 2300. You know, like they originally got kicked out of al Andalus.

The Mexicans will be allowed to keep the Southwest. I mean, the cleanup costs alone would bankrupt the new Republic.

On a cheerful note, maybe we'll outrun this. I mean, if you think the singularity might actually be near, we'll be able to get off this rock and leave it to the Muslims. They won't be following. I mean, you don't expect this lot to have an Enlightenment, do you?

In that future, you'll be able to enjoy the pungent aroma of Arab dung, the sound of a suicide vest exploding, the hate-filled mobs demanding the death of the (long-departed) Great Satan at a distance, whenever you wish. You'll just have to make the tourist trip back to Earth.


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