Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Over the past few days the Democrat Party and its agitprop arm, The New York Times, have been making a big deal about a leaked classified National Intelligence Estimate which (they say) indicates we're more at risk because of the policies pursued by President Bush.

President Bush released the Estimate yesterday. Here is is.

Do you see anything you couldn't have gleaned from a few minutes of CNN?

This isn't news. What is news is that the CIA has chosen to become political, and to throw in its lot with the Democrat Party. The other news is that the CIA is serving up pablum as hard intel.

Time for a clean sweep at Langley.

UPDATE: A close examination of the NIE shows the Israel/Palestinian conflict is not a source of anti-American sentiment.

UPDATE: No sooner do we hear that our invasion of Iraq is causing more jihad than we read that al Qaeda is losing hearts and minds in Iraq. So, looks like this NIE had crappy prose, and was wrong.

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