Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm still thinking about Clinton's appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Apart from the weird conspiracy rant (Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, Conservative Hatchet Job), the real failing part of this interview was the finger wagging. Clinton just doesn't understand how badly the Lewinsky lie hurt the credibility of his finger wag defense.

George Will has the perfect take on the Clinton Presidency:

Some presidents' names become adjectives -- Lincolnian gravity, Rooseveltian reassurance, Kennedyesque charisma, Nixonian deviousness, Reaganesque leadership. To understand the meaning of "Clintonian," parse this from a 1997 news conference: "I don't believe you can find any evidence of the fact that I have changed government policy solely because of a contribution."

It is reasonable to believe that he was a rapist 15 years before becoming president, and that as president he launched cruise missiles against Afghanistan (a nearly empty terrorist camp), Sudan (a pharmaceutical factory) and Iraq to distract attention from problems arising from the glandular dimension of his general indiscipline. As president he was fined $90,000 for contempt of court, and there is no reasonable doubt that he committed and suborned perjury, tampered with witnesses and otherwise obstructed justice. In the words of Richard A. Posner, chief judge of the 7th Circuit, Clinton's illegalities "were felonious, numerous and nontechnical" and "constituted a kind of guerrilla warfare against the third branch of the federal government, the federal court system."

Clinton is not the worst president the republic has had, but he is the worst person ever to have been president.


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