Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I think this means the Democrats won't make any significant gains in the upcoming elections.

If that's right, the Democrat party will then line up in its standard firing squad formation (a circle) and start tearing itself to pieces.

Who's going to sufffer?

Well, I think lefty bloggers like Kos, Atrios, and Hamsher will take big hits. They went out of the way to stab Liebermann in the back, and he'll probably get re-elected anyway - as an independent. In the long-term, they'll probably carve off the far-left part of the Democrat party, and start their own political movement. Though, what it'll stand for - apart from wanting America to lose wars - is debatable.

This may well boost Hillary's chances of running for President. Her husband's already charmed the major lefty bloggers. If their power is broken in this election, she may decide to run, since her support for the war in Iraq will no longer be a major issue. Of course, her campaign will go like Kerry's. It'll be a complete disaster, despite fawning media coverage. She'll have nothing to stand on - she rode her husband's coat-tails into power, after all - and that "listening tour" strategy isn't going to fly in the country at large.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid may suffer. If the Democrats fail to make any significant gains this year, then they'll have been out of power for 12 years, and will have failed to win anything, even during the lame-duck term of a President who's either a moron or an evil genius, with a hurricane of support from the mainstream media. If you can't win, even when the consistent message in the MSM is that Iraq's a mess and trending to civil war, the economy's tanking, the world hates us, and it's all the fault of the Republican Party, well, when can you win? Loads of Democrats will announce their retirements.

The bottom line there is that Democrats have failed to realize what distinguishes the two parties: The Republicans may be wrong, but they're serious. The Democrats may be wrong, but they're frivolous. It reminds me of bumper stickers I saw in Louisiana back in the early 90's: "Vote for the Lizard, not the Wizard" and "Vote for the Crook, It's Important".

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