Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bill Clinton's on "Meet the Press". If I understand him correctly, Republicans have been screwing up for the last 12 years, and especially for the last six. On terror, he "tried" for eight years, while the Republicans did nothing for eight months. Eight years. Eight months. Hmmmm.

Do the Democrats really want him out there, preaching this message? We know, for example, that Sandy Burglar stole and destroyed papers from the National Archives. Papers that would have shed light on the complete cluelessness of the Democrats in the face of a growing Islamic threat. Had Jamie Gorelick been questioned by the 9/11 Commission, we'd have learned about how Clinton's administration hamstrung law enforcement. We know he refused Sudan's offer of bin Laden's head on a plate. In today's AJC, there was an article about Clinton's finger-wagging defense of his handling of the terrorist threat. Later in the same article, there's a picture of him with Monica Lewinsky. You know. The (finger wag) woman (finger wag) he (finger wag) did (finger wag) not (finger wag) have (finger wag) sex (finger wag) with. (finger wag) Miss (finger wag) Lewinsky.

Clinton's going to be on "Fox News Sunday" today at 6:00 PM. I can't wait to watch it.

Here's the larger issue: The Republicans, for their supine performance in the last couple of years, deserve to lose. However, given the past and present behaviour of the Democrats, there's nobody for them to lose to. No sooner do Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi have a go at Hugo Chavez, than Tom Harkin defends the same Hugo Chavez. Just when national security is rising as an election issue, out trundles Bill Clinton with a finger-wagging defense of his indefensible record. Democrats, seeing illegal immigrants as a natural constituency, want the borders thrown open. Etc., etc.

Republicans will win this year, by default.

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