Monday, August 07, 2006

So, there I was at the gym this evening, sweatin' on the treadmill and watching Lou Dobbs. What a display.

The entire hour was given over to descriptions of horror in the Beirut suburbs and in Tyre. Civilians dead. Massive assaults. Bunker busters. Previously safe parts of Beirut now under massive attack my IAF bombers. Tyre under siege. Civilians targeted.

Had I walked into this program with no context, I'd have been shocked by the massive destruction wrought on innocent Lebanese civilians for no good reason.

Of course, I had some context. Yesterday at about 3:00 PM I was - yes - sweatin' on the treadmill, while watching Hezbullah missiles hit Haifa. At that time, CNN was masturbating itself over reports of how accurate Hezbollah's gunnery was becoming, and how the IDF had little ability to respond to Hezbollah.

Lou's show made it clearer than ever that CNN is a shill for Hezbollah.

Today the Israelis are doing their best to destroy Hezbollah military assets that have been purposely located in civilian areas. They don't want Hezbollah killing more Israelis. In doing so, they occasionally hit civilians. Hezbollah, by comparison, targets civilians deliberately. There is a difference.

You wouldn't get that difference from CNN.

Oh, and there was more. Lou interviewed some talking head from the Arab League. Its ambassador to the UN, I believe. Probably the guy who handled most of the Oil-for-Palaces bribes. In any event, the guy did nothing but repeat Lou's points: Israelis are evil civilian-killing bastards, Hezbollah are heroic freedom-fighters.

OK, news over. Now let's think about it.

Let's face something. Hezbollah has remained in the field against the Israelis for 27 days, or thereabouts. They started this fight, and they're still in it. They may well be at the limit of their reserves, but they're still in the fight. And they have massive support from the MSM. What does this mean?

Well, Arabs being what they are, the ability to take a hiding against the legendary IDF is a source of pride and encouragement. Hezbollah is a Shi'ite organization. It's funded, trained, and maintained by (Shi'ite) Iran. Its supplies arrive via (Sunni) Syria, Iran's first Sunni client (as in "bitch") state.

Meanwhile, Sunnis are leaving Iraq. The (Shi'ite) Badr Brigade is running amok, and Sadr's (Shi'ite) militia is forming another Shi'ite nation within a nation, complete with ties to Iran.

If Hezbollah and Sadr are not dealt with soon, and summarily, the world runs the risk of a Shi'ite empire that runs from Isfahan to Beirut. An empire of suicide-bombing nutcases.

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