Monday, September 26, 2005

Our fearless Governor, Sonny Perdue, decided on Friday to get a jump on Hurricane Rita by asking Georgia schools to take two early "snow days", thereby saving on the gasoline that normally would be used to move the little sociopaths to and from school.

In other words, he decided to telegraph to the world that gas was going to be scarce in Georgia come Monday (today). The panic buying of gasoline began immediately, so that the CostCo I use was out of gasoline by 5:00 PM.

Oh, and Monday morning was rainy, so commute times were doubled, leading to large amounts of gas being idled away. And Rita missed Galveston anyway, so the gas shortages are not going to materialize. And the gas panic after Katrina was a one-day thing anyway.

Gee. Thanks, Sonny. You bozo.

This is his second faux pas, IMHO. Last month he attended a ceremony to honor GA servicemen killed in action in Iraq. Standing before the crowd, he began to blubber on camera. A perfect Oprah moment. What's happening here? Why can't a Governor of a pretty conservative Southern state get up and give a fire-and-brimstone sppech about fallen heroes and the massive smiting of enemies? That would certainly have been better than the share your feelings, therapeutic moment we got. Zarqawi or bin Ladin are not giving tearful eulogies over the charred remains of their suicide bombers. Instead they're watching Sonny and trying to calculate what amount of American blood will finally push him out of Iraq. I guarantee you that his tears killed American soldiers.

I think it all comes down to the Georgia state flag. The flaggots tossed Roy Barnes (good!) for Sonny because Sonny promised a return to the Stars and Bars on the Georgia flag. Instead we got the Georgia seal. Sonny's not up for taking the scolding he'd have gotten from Her Eminence, the Career Widow, Coretta, nor from Lewis, McKinney, Lowry, etc., etc. Well and good, but not good enough to satisfy the flaggots. Them lost, Sonny is reduced to begging for votes from the Emory crowd and their ilk via tearful rememberance ceremonies and gas-saving days.

All he's really doing, IMHO, is demonstrating that he'd be in favor of cannibalism, if it had a large enough constituency.

Oh, and he's lost re-election. Mark it. You heard it here first.

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