Sunday, September 18, 2005

The big issue for the last couple of weeks has been the massive disgrace in New Orleans. I've hesitated to comment, but here goes.

It looks like the Mayor of New Oreleans and the Governor of Louisiana behaved terribly badly. The Mayor failed to evacuate the city. The Superdome, the staging point for the eventual evacuation, was left unpoliced and quickly degenerated into a free-for-all nightmare of rape and theft. Faced with this, the Mayor beat an hysterical retreat to Baton Rouge from his luxury New Orleans hotel suite, while the Governor failed to activate the National Guard, preferring to descend into public, teary self-justification.

And who's getting the blame? Well, the President, of course. The one man who kept his head in the entire crisis. The people beating on him fail to mention that the Constitution keeps Federal troops out of the states until requested. That's exactly how it went down. Can you imagine the uproar if a white male President had usurped a female Governor and a black Mayor?

Something else to consider is the contrast with Mississippi, and Alabama. The destruction of Gulfport, Biloxi, et al., was near total. Yet there was no rape, no looting, no lawlessness. Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi reacted as a Governor should, and kept law and order. End result? Mississippi is not interesting to the MSM.

Bottom line: Democrat politicians totally failed their constituents. The MSM protected them by blaming the available Republican.

In recent days, a new leftist line is emerging: Were it not for Iraq, New Orleans wouldn't have suffered so badly. The left has so far failed to get any traction in its criticism of the war on terror. They're hoping this will given them an in. Mind you, I think the left fails to understand that what it's really saying is that black people suffered because white people decided to give all the money to the A-rabs (add your own redneck accent of choice). I'm not sure the Democrat party wants to go this racist way, but in recent years they've demonstrated a complete willingness to do anything that'll win.

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