Friday, July 15, 2005

So, it's eight days after the Islamofascist attack on London.

In reading some of the coverage of the killers, I'm struck by how ordinary they appeared to be, right up to the point where they blew themselves up.

I mean, take this, about Shahzad Tanweer: "'He was a nice lad. I don't know how many times he served me fish and chips,' said Peter Douchworth, 58, a Beeston resident for over 30 years. 'He went out of his way to help.'"

Balanced against that is this: "The transformation was gradual, but then his relentless reading of the Quran and daily prayers became almost an obsession, his friends told The Associated Press."

I have a friend - well, he used to be a friend, I haven't seen him in a while - who married a Muslim woman. Sortly before his marriage, he converted to Islam. Now, none of his non-Muslim friends ever see him. He's just dropped off the face of *our* world. God knows what's happening in his Islamic world.

I served for six years in the US military. One of the things that truly impressed me about the experience was how you could lift a group of people out of the world, give them a few weeks of training and indoctrination, and have them ready to carry out missions.

I've read a bit about Islam. One thing I've taken away from my reading is that muslims are encouraged by their religion to keep apart from non-muslims. I have some empirical evidence of this in the behaviour of my friend. So, let's just take one last step and realize that Islam is the perfect breeding ground for sociopathic behaviour: self-segregate, listen only to the Islamic echo chamber, see the rest of humanity as dirty kufrs, divide the world into the room of submission and the room of war.

These guys need a reformation and enlightenment, pronto.

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