Monday, May 23, 2005

So, the Christian nuts in Cobb County are losing their stickers.

While a lot of people are happy to see this happen, for me it's just one more piece of evidence that Government schools will eventually become useless and unused.

Here's the deal: this week it's lunatics in Cobb freaking over the theory of evolution. Next week it's going to be muslims suing to have their cosmology treated as science. Then it'll be the Germans and the Japanese complaining about the treatment of WWII in the history textbooks. Which will get the Jews going. I'm sure the pharaonic types are getting ready to file a suit demanding that mathematics be taught in base 12. Which will have the modern day Aztecs demanding base 60. And in this completely value-free, politically-correct era, who can say them nay?

When all the warring factions have had their way, everyone will have left Government schools for better forms of education. Or, at least, forms that actually work.

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