Thursday, May 26, 2005

Let's see. In the news today. Hmm.....

Well, the runaway bride is facing criminal charges. Even Australians want to know about this one.

There's a murder suspect threatening suicide by jumping from the top of a crane on Peachtree.

Some guy just got five years in jail after his buddy was decapitated when they were driving home drunk. The guy who's going to jail never noticed the decapitation. For some reason, this brings to mind the Irish phrase "Wouldja look at the cut of yer man?"

And, of course, a female FuCo deputy left her loaded pistol in a public restroom at the Juvenile Justice Center.

Now, in defense of the Greater Atlanta Metro Area, I have to say that the guy hanging from the crane is a Florida native. Nothing to do with us. Nosireee.

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