Monday, May 16, 2005

God! You just have to pity the Congressional Democrats.

They've spent what poltical capital they had in a vain attempt to prevent the President from getting the judges he wants. That and the Bolton fiasco. Mind you, in that one they were well supported by Voinovich. He definitely inspires one to bray "Jayzus! What an eejit!" Tired of all this stupidity, and considering his chances in 2008, Frist is about to change the rules so that a simple majority will be able to end a debate.

So, they won't be able to stop all this going forward, and they're about to lose the faux-filibuster power they used to have. From now on, if they want to hold things up, they'll have to pull a Strom.

Oh, for the day that Senator Clinton squats on CSPAN!

The biggest irony? They lost this power trying to stop something almost nobody cares about.

They used to be able to pick their battles for maximum effectiveness. No more. They're unhinged, and becoming more so. I look forward to years more of lunatic rhetoric. Though, I do hope that Senator Reid gets beyond schoolyard taunts.

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