Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The French have said "no" to the EU Constitution.

All they've done is guarantee they won't get any more chances to vote on the EU.

As their new overlords in Brussels put it "we have confidence that once again we will find the means to move the European Union forward".

I remember Ireland after the Irish electorate rejected the Nice treaty. The Government immediately started a propaganda campaign that likened a second "no" vote to a loaded gun pointed at a head. In a country that's had a Marxist-Leninist insurgency going for 30+ years, that was pretty emotive imagery. In any event, not wanting to be sent to bed again without its supper (look for "Jonathan Wilson, Dublin") the morons in the electorate got it right the second time round, and the Irish Government busied itself with finding ways to change the Irish Constitution without having to go to the (manifestly untrustworthy) voters.

And that's the way in Europe: national elites deciding how the hoi polloi will live. The French, poor bastards, just got their last vote on Europe. From now on, their only option will be 1848 all over again.

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