Sunday, January 02, 2005

Today's AJC has a stiry wondering whether Americans give enough charity. The story notes that so far the Japanese Government has pledged $500 million for tsunami relief, as opposed to a relatively paltry $350 million from the U.S. Government.

Note to the AJC: it's the GOVERNMENT, stupid.

When the U.S. Government pledges $350 million, it's actually going to me, putting a gun to my head, and demanding I open my wallet. That's not charity. That's taking by force, and most of the time it's illegal.

In any event, the U.S. Government has pledged $350 million, in this instance. Over at amazon.com, individuals have freely given about $12 million. That's just at amazon.com. According to this survey, American private, free, philanthropy was something like $240 BILLION in 2003. I'll bet some of that found its way overseas.

As the article notes, last year's American Government "charity" was $18 billion, with Japan coming in second at about $9 billion.

No, this article isn't about American charitable giving, it's just the dead-head blue-staters at the AJC haveing another go at the President.

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