Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush wins!

Daschle is OUTTA THERE!!!!

Majette loses.

Georgia goes Republican.

The one sour note: Cynthia McKinney is my Representative once again. In other words, I have no representation.

My work mates are rabidly Democrat, with me as the one Libertarian/Republican. I expect many gloomy faces today.

What a week! I mean, Osama turned up last Saturday and barely made it through a 24-hour news cycle. Three years ago we were worried about more attacks from him. Now all he can muster is a videotape. If that doesn't imply that we're safer, I don't know what might.

What a year! The mainstream media has covered itself in shame. I mean, the pundits were sooooooo in league with Kerry. Think of Dan Rather and the forged documents. Think of 60 minutes and the story about the 380 tons of missing munitions - WHICH THEY WERE SAVING UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION. Thank God for the competitive pressure that drove the New York Times to publish early, in time for the story to be answered. This morning, watching Cutie Katie Couric (the Eva Braun of morning television) I was struck by how uncomfortable she looked - as if someone had let rip a really stinky fart in her face just before she came on the air. As Nelson Muntz would say: "HA-HAAAA!" I'm sure this guy is making plans to move back to Spain (check the posts for 1, 2, and 3 November, Ha HAAAA!). Well, Russ, Delta's still ready when you are!

Long term, the country is going Republican. Despite media coverage that - according to Evan Thomas - was worth 15 points in the polls for Kerry, and despite all the muck that was thrown, and despite the massive voter fraud in Philadelphia and Cincinnati, Bush won. This is a good thing.

It's a good thing because Bush intends to win the war on terror, he won't accept any let or hinderance on America's sovreignty, he will keep the tax cuts in place, he will address the mess that is Social Security. Basically, he'll create an ownership society while striking fear into enemies abroad. For example, I wouldn't want to be a jihadist in Fallujah at this moment. Kerry would have been Jimmy Carter, part two.

UPDATE: That comment about the mainstream media covering itself in shame turns out to be worse than I expected. Last night when I turned on the TV, Peter Jennings seemed really, really cheerful. Just listening to him, it came to me in a flash: THIS GUY ALREADY KNOWS BUSH HAS LOST! I mean, even Mrs. LivinInAmerica commented to me that I seemed to be resigning myself to a Kerry victory. Today I find that Jennings was working off exit poll numbers that showed Bush losing 60/40 in Pennsylvania, and by about 5 points in all the battleground states. No wonder he was so happy - at the time.

Today, the question is how the poll numbers could be so far off. Well, the poll was conducted only among city-dwellers, and was weighted more towards women than men. You know, the demographic likely to vote for Kerry. OK, the poll was flawed. Well, why was the poll so flawed? Only one answer: to depress Republican voters and make them less likely to turn out. That's how hand-in-glove the mainstream media was with Kerry.

The mainstream media has shot its bolt, and is in the process of melting down and lowing all its influence in America. There was a time, as recently as 10 years ago, when you could take exit polls to the bank. Then in 2000, voter turnout in the Florida panhandle was depressed by the Voter News Service fiasco. This time around, the mainstream media decided to use polling as a deliberate tactic against George Bush.

Nobody should be surprised about this. CBS, for one, was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party.

There is a downside, however. By throwing in with Kerry, and getting it soooooo wrong, the mainstream media has lost a lot of trust. In fact, in this internet world, the rest of America detects the mainstream media as a network outage, and routes around it.

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