Tuesday, October 12, 2004

On Saturday I picked up a copy of the local fishwrapper, to read over coffee. One headline caught my eye. "AFGHAN ELECTIONS A COMPLETE BALLS UP!!!!!" (subscription required, sorry), or something like that, was what it shrieked. At the time I felt a little depressed: I'd been hoping that America could bring a little hope to that benighted place, and this article made it sound like we weren't going to see that any time soon.

Today I came across this. Sounds to me like an ordinary election: peaceful polling places, carping losers, happy winners. Hey, it could have been DeKalb County in the wake of a loss by Cynthia McKinney!

Jimmy Carter wasn't there to bless the elections. Probably because some Central American despot needed an election stolen.

I'm beginning to get the feeling that if America's sponsoring an election, the indicators of success are a) an international press that declares the election a failure, despite the absence of, oh, say, car bombs, assasinations, and widespread fraud, and b) the absence of Jimmy Carter.

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