Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm not quite sure what to make of this.

I mean, as a straight male the idea of two men in bed together inspires the "yuck" factor. Probably the Catholic upbringing. Two women? To be honest, I really don't care. A while ago, I might have thought "get it on," (hello Hustler!) but then I saw a little of what's hanging out in Decatur (locally known as "Dick-Hater").

Now, I have the same right as any other male in Georgia: I can marry a woman. And I have. It just so happens I also love women. I mean, I just love women. I'm crazy about my wife, but I just love women in general. I love their softness. The way they always smell good. The way they're always thinking of N things at once. One time I was in Newburyport with my sister. We were in a clothes shop. She pronounced a coat "hideous," and then touched it. I asked why. "To see if it feels as bad as it looks." No guy would ever get beyond the "hideous" bit.

But, I'm straying.

This debate is so slippery. Most people think that the "man marries woman" (and vice versa, as a sop to these PC times) is perfectly acceptable. The gay community is arguing more that "loved one marries loved one."

Fair enough, I guess, but then other things come to mind. I mean, the state - which licenses marriages - has a stake in marriages that will produce children. Voters, taxpayers, soldiers, etc. You get the picture. Absent big changes in technology, men are not going to be having children any time soon. Women have donors. Heterosexual couples have each other, or donors, or whoever might cuckold, I guess.

Then there's me. I've had no children, and don't really expect to have any, yet I'm getting the "breeder" advantage. When you're married, you get those by-law rights of inheritence, people (in the South, anyway) stop looking at you in that odd way they regard all unmarried people (over a certain age), you get some stature from being seen as able to "commit."

Christ! It's enough to make your head spin.

Bottom line: My gut says "no" to gay marriage. Colour me old school. Like this guy.

And I am crazy about you
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