Sunday, March 21, 2004

They just don't get it.

America already understands the danger posed by Islamofascism. America is committeed to wiping out Islamofascism. And what do the Islamofascists do? Why, provide more grist for the mill.

Al-Zawahri is portrayed by the media as being pretty smart, as being the brains behind Osama bin Ladin. If this interview is any sign, he's really no more than a foolish braggart. Or a desperate one.

Of course, this is an American perspective. I guarantee you: a nuke set off by these murderers in New York, or Atlanta, or Los Angeles wold have all Americans demanding vengeance. Europe's a different matter.

I'm pretty sure that simply brandishing a suitcase nuke will get al-Andalus back under Muslim control.

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