Wednesday, March 31, 2004

So, Denise is movin' on out (she can't make it into the U.S. Senate, you can bank that), and the scramble has begun.

Cynthia (who used to be the Cutest Little Communist in Congress) wants back in. I guess that Saudi money is just too tempting. She's an utter kook, but she can probably play the race card once again and get back in. Mind you, she'll have to keep a weather eye out for the J-E-W-S.

Mind you, Cynthia has competition. I don't really know anything about Cathy Woolard. She hasn't caused any scandals and comes across as competent. In the Atlanta Metro area that makes her shine.

Vernon Jones may also run. I had a lot of hope for him when he was elected, but he's wasted a lot of goodwill using political power to enrich himself.

These are the big names so far.

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