Monday, March 15, 2004

Al Jazeera on the Seine gives the party line on the bombings in Madrid and the realignment of Spain into the Axis of Weasels.

I'm pretty disappointed, I have to admit. I think we can expect lots more Islamic terrorism, some of which may hurt Americans. At least, until the Islamofascists finally get it that Europe will surrender preemptively and that America won't.

I expect lots of meltings away. France and Germany stabbed the NATO alliance in the back. This recent election will figure in the calculation of every politician who wants to gain or maintain power. The result, I'm sure, will be a distancing from America and further appeasement of Islamofascism. Europe will begin to look more to Damascus than it does to Boston or New York.

In truth, you really can't blame the Europeans. They've voted themselves bread and circuses since WWII and their birth rates guarantee the native European population will decline 25 to 30% in the next quarter century. Their only option is to import labor, mostly from North Africa, but they've never tried to have the servants integrate. So, they've got a young, unintegrated, angry, disaffected, increasingly-radicalized force that they themsleves invited in, and which they're depending on to pay the taxes that'll support their comfortable retirements. Christ! Talk about hanging between two tigers.

Ultimately, I think Western Europe will go Islamic, the Europeans having committed socialist-inspired demographic suicide. Eastern Europe will come back to the tender mercies of Mother Russia. America will declare victory and retire behind its (porous) borders, to await its Latino destiny.

And Israel? Screwed.

Sic transit...something.

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