Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong is dead.  I actually watched him jump onto the moon's surface, back in 1969.  The last American to stand on the moon left in late 1972.  Since then?  Crickets.  The last American to stand on the moon may well die in my lifetime.

In the meantime, how much has been spent on, oh, welfare?  Or Solyndra?

Panem et circenses.

We're a civilization in decline.  Mostly by our own choices.  Pity, that.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Won 

The Won seems desperate.  He keeps banging the drum for punishing independent successful people, in a country founded on the notion of rewarding excellence.

Of course, since his life has been the reward of mediocrity, mendacity, and slavish adherence to machine politics, I suppose I see his point.  He's obviously an academic doofus (Admitted massive drug use.  Transcripts, anyone?) who got where he is through, oh, Oprah's sponsorship, and his wife had a $300k per annum no-show Chicago Democrat Party hospital job until he made good, well, sure, you get ahead by taking money at gunpoint and using it to advance yourself.

What makes me sad about his presidency is that he has ruined race relations in his pursuit of a second term, and it'll be another fifty years before America trusts a black man with the presidency.

Democrats.  Oy vey!

Still, he'll be gone soon, along with Jesse Jackson Jr.

Oh, and did I just hear black ministers saying the Democrat party takes the black vote for granted?

Black voters!!!  Rise up!!!  Throw off your shackles!!!  Joint the Libertarian Party!!!!

(I'll get to the whole "spectre haunting" thing next.)


Here in Atlanta, I go on an irregular basis to the Chick-Fil-A over by Northlake Mall to get either a chicken soup (For my heretic soul.  Yummy!) or a milkshake (Oh, dear Lord, Yummmmmmmy! Please bring back the mint chocolate-chip milkshake!!!). In my experience, the people serving there could be working at the highest-rated hotel in any country in the world. They have *spectacular* good attitude and manners, and their values affect the entire restaurant. You just can’t go to that Chick-Fil-A without getting good food, and leaving a better person. It’s that kind of place.

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