Friday, July 06, 2007

Another Scottish hero commemorated:
Twas doon by the inch o' Abbots
Oor Johnny walked one day
When he saw a sicht that troubled him
Far more that he could say
A fanatic muslim *******
Wiz doin what he'd planned
And intae Glesca's departure hall
A Cherokee he'd rammed.
A big Glaswegian polis
Came forward tae assist
He thocht "a wumman driver"
Or at least someone half-pissed
But to his shock nae drunken Jock
Emerged to grasp his hand
But a flamin Arab loony
Frae Al Qaeda's band
The mad Islamist nut-case
Had set hissel' on fire
And swung oot at the polis
GBH his clear desire
Now that's no richt wur Johnny cried
And sallied tae the fray
A left hook and a heid butt
Required tae save the day.
Now listen up Bin Laden
Yir sort's nae wanted here
For imported English radicals
Us Scoatsman huv nae fear
Oor hame grown Glesca Asians
Will have nae bluidy truck
So tak yer worldwide jihad
An get yersel tae F***

GBH: Grievous bodily harm.

von Bismarck in the news again.

Obviously, not this one.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I love this ad.

It's got a dreamlike, Escheresque, Where the Wild Things Are quality I just can't stop watching.

I like Karen O's singing as well.


UPDATE: Will he be asking an NHS doctor to fix that?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"...if you get served and served them back, then it's on!"

(Thanks Chef!)

Monday, July 02, 2007

McCain will soon be out of the race.

I'm sure his support of amnesty had *nothing* to do with it.

I expect that in a few years we'll see stories like this in DeKalb County, GA.

I know a number of white teachers who've left the DeKalb County because they faced so much discrimination from their black non-colleagues. In fact, the (black) Superintendent of DeKalb Co. schools has recently replaced Wayne Chelf, the (white) Principal of famed Lakeside High School with a new (black) Principal because "black staff members(s) (at Lakeside) thought he didn’t pay them enough respect".

Looks like the school system is going the way of the police force. Mind you, there is some history there.

Life imitates The Simpsons.

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